Wind Damage

Once a hurricane or a tropical storm has rolled through town, it can leave some devastating wind damage in its wake. From broken windows to roof damage to flooding, wind damage can be extensive and upsetting to property owners. In addition, wind damage could cause structural damage and water damage that can come when broken windows and damaged roofs cause water to leak.

Our public adjusters are here to help you. We don’t get paid until you do. Our goal is to get you the best insurance settlement possible, in order for you to repair your home to its pre-wind-damaged condition as soon as possible.

We will help you by thoroughly inspecting your home to record all signs of wind damage. This includes finding the obvious damage, as well as things that might be hidden and not as obvious. We will also review your insurance policy to ensure we are including all items that can be compensated by your insurance provider.

Once the wind damage inventory has been taken and the policy has been reviewed, we will help you negotiate the insurance settlement. We want you to get a fair settlement so that all wind damage can be repaired. We know that homeowners are can be emotional after destructive wind damage has hurt a property. The last thing that you would want to do is argue with your insurance company in order to get a fair settlement. That is where we come in. We will get you that fair settlement so your mind can be on the repairing of your property.

A public adjuster has experience and knowledge to work with the insurance company to secure you the best settlement possible to compensate for the wind damage. Studies show that those property owners who use a public adjuster while filing their claim will receive larger insurance payouts than those who file a claim without the help of a public adjuster.

Don’t let wind damage blow you over. Instead, hire a public adjuster at OnPoint Adjustments to help you deal with the aftermath.

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