Theft / Vandalism

If your residential or commercial property has been the victim of vandalism or theft, OnPoint Adjustments can help. There are some aspects to filing a claim for vandalism and/or theft with an insurance company that require the specific knowledge and experience of a public adjuster.

Our extensive experience with working with insurance companies, our eyes for detail, filing claims and getting customers the quickest and best insurance settlement possible, are all reasons you should contact us as soon as the vandalism and/or theft has occurred.

There are typically concerns that insurance companies will have with a vandalism and/or theft claim that will need to be addressed immediately. Your insurance company will need proof that the crime actually occurred. For example, they will need to see any supporting documents such as video surveillance or police reports, that suggest the crime happened on your property. OnPoint Adjustments can help you file the claim, ensuring that all supporting documents are in place to prove that a crime occurred.

It is imperative that the police are called in to investigate the vandalism/theft on your property. The record of the police report will be a necessary document in the filing of the claim.

In addition, your insurance company will also need you to show proof that you are the owner of the item that has been vandalized or stolen. For example, if the items stolen are jewelry, your insurance company will verify that the pieces taken were listed on your insured items list. You can also provide receipts that prove ownership, which will also help to prove the value of the item or items that have been vandalized or stolen. Appraisals, credit card receipts and other documents can also help to prove the value of an item.

Another thing that can get missed when people file vandalism/theft claims on their own, is any damage done to your home or business during the crime. While the emotional response is to focus on the items that may have been stolen, you don’t want to forget to list any damage that has been done to your property on your insurance claim. Anything from a lock or window that has been broken, to doors or door frames that have been damaged, can be reported on your insurance claim.

Our experts have an eye for detail. It is easy to catch all of the obvious bits of damage and stolen items, but we will help you notice any other bits of damage that might be hidden and have you check for other stolen items you might not be thinking of, such as important documents.

OnPoint Adjustments will also help prepare you for any follow-up questions and documents from your insurance company. For example, in some vandalism and/or theft cases, insurance companies have requested tax documents from the filer in an effort to examine if the person claiming ownership has the income that supports the ownership of the items they are claiming are damaged or stolen.

Vandalism and/or theft insurance claims can be some of the more difficult claims to settle with the insurance companies. Don’t waste your time filing on your own. Let the experts help you receive a better insurance settlement and in less time.

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