Mold Damage

If you have discovered mold damage on your property it is something that you should take very seriously. Mold can have dangerous health implications for you and your family. It also requires a specific clean-up, removal and remediation technique in order to make your home safe again.

Step One — Call a public adjuster from OnPoint Adjustments. We have experience and knowledge about mold damage, as well as the remediation technique required during clean-up. We will help you properly assess the damage to your property and the potential health risks to your family.

Step Two — The public adjuster will help you detail all of the damage, including the unseen damage that the water and mold might have done. Mold damage can lead to serious health hazards for people, including a mold allergy and asthma attacks. Signs of a mold allergy include sneezing, runny nose, red and watery eyes, skin irritations, wheezing and coughing. Others can have more severe reactions, such as a fever and a difficulty breathing.

Step Three — Public adjusters will review your insurance policy for you. While some insurance companies now offer limited coverage for mold damage, some may offer additional premiums that allow for expanded coverage. At OnPoint Adjustments, we will review your specific policy and determine how much of the mold damage will be covered by your insurance company.

Step Four — We will help you file your insurance claim, even negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf. We have years of experience in dealing directly with insurance companies. We understand their protocol and we will work hard to get you the settlement you need to clean up your home.

Step Five – We will help you find the right experts to clean-up, remove and remediate the mold in your home. In most cases, the mold damage will require testing to identify what specific type of clean-up, removal and remediation is needed. An expert at mold remediation will then follow-up with the correct level of clean-up and treatment, removing the hazardous material from your home and making it safe for your family to return. Following the clean-up and remediation process, the air quality will be testing in your home, making sure that the effort to remove all mold damage was successful.

If your property has mold damage it is imperative that you reach out to OnPoint Adjustments as soon as possible. Mold damage is not something you should live once you know that it exists. You have to start the process with your insurance company and have professionals take care of the problem.

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