Fire Damage

There are many points following fire damage that a person can miss when inspecting for damage. Especially the homeowners, as they are often feeling emotional about the incident that has just occurred to the property. Expert public adjusters are able to inspect for every bit of damage — from the obvious to the hidden — and ensure that it all ends up on your insurance claim.

You want to make sure you have professionals estimate the fire damage to your home. In addition to estimating damages, the public adjuster will also help you determine replacement costs to those items that have been destroyed.

In addition to inspecting the damage, a public adjuster is also able to review your insurance policy coverage, making sure that you are claiming every last detail of what is allowed. Again, it’s quite easy to miss something that is detailed in your insurance claim, losing out on that money.

Following the review of your insurance policy, a public adjuster is then able to help you with the actual filing of the insurance claim, including dealing with the insurance company on your behalf. Public adjusters are comfortable dealing with those in the insurance industry. We do it all the time so you can rest assured that we will be able to professionally come to agreement over the best insurance settlement for you.

Once you have received a better insurance settlement than you would have gotten if you had filed your claim on your own, a public adjuster will help your through the rebuild. There are specifically qualified people who will help clean up after fire damage to a property, as well as make all necessary repairs and rebuild when required.

There are specific things that public adjusters, like those at OnPoint Adjustments will watch out for when it comes to fire damage. Those include:

  • Damage that can’t be seen. For example, there might be water, smoke, ash or mold damage that is not out in the open. There may also be air quality issues following the fire in your home.
  • Insurance reps might try to delay the settlement for your claim, as this can happen when there are partial losses. We will make sure that your claim does not become a low priority and take longer than it should.
  • There are proper procedures that must be done to clean a property following fire and smoke damage. If the insurance company tries to get around any of these procedures, suggesting inadequate cleaning and repair methods, a public adjuster will get involved to ensure your home is taken care of properly.

If your property has seen fire damage, call OnPoint Adjustments to help you clean up the mess and get the insurance settlement to which you are entitled.

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