Has any part of your residential or commercial property suffered a collapse due to hidden decay, vibrations from explosives, or severe weather? If so, the public adjusters at OnPoint Adjustments can help. This claim is not just for homes or businesses, but can also apply to condominiums and apartments.

Once example of a collapse would be if your property was close to land that was being cleared in order to build new developments. If there were explosives used for clearing, it is possible that the vibrations from the explosions did unforeseen damage, causing a collapse on your property. A collapse could also be caused by high winds and heavy snow.

Our experts can help assess your insurance policy to ensure the collapse is covered by your insurance provider. Often insurance providers word the policy in such a way that not all structural collapses are covered. That is why a skilled public adjuster has the best chance of assessing your policy, inspecting the damage and filing your claim with your insurance provider.

The language used in your insurance policy will dictate whether or not the situation will be covered. Our knowledgeable public adjusters are trained to decipher the language used in the policy, which can be tricky, and get past the confusing wording in order to get you the settlement you deserve.

In addition, our public adjusters will help you identify all of the damage done to your property. It is easy to spot the immediate damages in the situation of a structural collapse. But what is not so easy is identifying all of the hidden damages. There may be a number of items that are not obviously damaged, but that should be included on your insurance claim.

Public adjusters work specifically for you. We do not get paid, unless you get paid. When you hire the public adjusters at OnPoint Adjustments, you know we will do what it takes to make sure you get the settlement to which you are entitled. Your insurance provider will hire a number of experts to represent its best interests. A great option is for you to do the same.

OnPoint Adjustments are here to represent your best interests.

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